David Haynes

Chairperson, Data Day

Ideate, Inc.


David is a Registered Architect and Project Management Certified Professional at Ideate, Inc. A graduate of the University of Arizona, he has worked as an Architect, contractor, developer and as the Corporate construction manager for a national retailer. Before joining the team at Ideate, he had his own successful architectural practice and was President of a commercial design–build construction company for 15 years.

David’s role at Ideate is to provide thought leadership insight to AECO companies worldwide. Dealing with the largest of Ideate’s customers to bring business transformational change to the design, build, operate process. Serving on the executive management team at Ideate, David is involved in strategic decision making both internally and externally. David’s recent focus has been on driving the information and data customers are using to make informed business decisions.

David brings many years of experience with data in the AECO industry to the table and in 2015 received a Certificate in Data Visualization from the University of Washington.

Jon Anunson


Senior Global Manager, Process & Metrics



An architect and database designer, Jon Anunson has been working with rich 3D data for over 25 years. He currently manages programs and business metrics for AECOM's Design, Construction, Finance, and Operation businesses worldwide.

AJ Bridwell


Director of Customer Success, AEC


For more than 20 years, AJ has practiced and helped define the principles of Building Information Modeling – starting with Intergraph PDS to today’s more modern BIM authoring platforms.
He was the virtual construction manager for the largest single BIM project for the US Department of Defense, a 2.2 million square foot office complex that was fully modeled in BIM to LOD 500. The project data was directly ported from BIM to operations and maintenance platforms. AJ brings a global perspective on BIM - having worked on projects and implemented BIM practices in over 20 countries.
Role at Invicara: As a director of customer success, AJ helps Invicara’s AEC clients identify best practices and areas for improvement in their BIM workflows. He works with clients to pinpoint BIM data challenges and align BIM Assure’s capabilities to the client’s needs.

William Carney


BIM Director,

BSA LifeStructures

William Carney is the BIM director at BSA LifeStructures where he is responsible for overseeing the firm’s use and implementation of design technologies. As an efficiency enthusiast, William seeks to find ways to use technology to streamline BSA LifeStructures multi-disciplined workflows. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in architectural studies from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and his master’s degree in architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego. He is also an Author for Lynda.com and is actively involved with the St. Louis Revit User Group as one of its steering committee member.

Bill Debevc


Analyst Programmer,

LPA, Inc.


Bill Debevc is an expert in Autodesk software and Information Technology (I.T.) specializing in the AEC industry. With over 30 years of experience using, supporting, and customizing AutoCAD, Revit, Bluebeam and Microsoft software. Bill shares his knowledge about software and hardware helping the AEC industry achieve its full potential. Bill is currently a podcaster on BIMThoughts and Analyst / Programmer for LPA, Inc. He is exploring IoT, big data and how to bridge the data gap with Business Intelligence tools.

Email at bdebevc@lpapinc.com.

Arif Hanif


Senior Computation Design Engineer,

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Arif is currently leading the computational design efforts at Affiliated Engineers. The range of practice for this team is focused on (but not limited to) process mapping, application development and data analysis. Arif is a technology enthusiast with a mechanical degree and is a registered professional engineer in multiple states.

Konrad Sobon

Design Technology Specialist


Konrad K Sobon is a Design Technology Specialist at HOK, New York. He's also a Co-founder of Bad Monkeys, a technology consultancy. He specializes in Computational Design implementation on BIM projects and is an author of a number of project enhancing applications and workflows. He is the creator of Mantis Shrimp, Bumblebee, Mandrill and archi-lab plug-ins for Dynamo as well as the keeper of www.archi-lab.net – an online resource for technology curious architects. Konrad's most recent work focuses on Revit data aggregation and analysis - Mission Control.

Carl Storms

IMAGINiT Technologies.


Drawing on his 20 years of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction, Carl provides a practical and well-rounded understanding of BIM to clients. He’s worked in residential and commercial architecture, as well as construction with nearly 10 years of teaching experience at the collegiate and industry level. This experience aids him in providing the business case for BIM and how it makes the most of collaboration, coordination and design tools and processes.

Through implementations, instruction, mentoring, seminar presentations, whitepapers and more, Carl assists clients with the adoption of design technology and BIM processes. As someone who truly enjoys the process of building information modeling, Carl spreads his love of all things BIM via Twitter @theBIMsider, on his Blog www.theBIMsider.com, or as a co-host on two AEC Industry Podcasts: The Simply Complex Podcast - Conference Edition, as well as BluePrints a podcast sharing ideas and knowledge about the AEC industry.