On Wednesday August 8, 2018 RTC Events Management will hold its 3rd annual Data Day at the Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, USA.

Data Day, preceding BILT NA, is where leaders have a conversation about data in the AECO industry. Data Day is a more intimate one-day event with attendees kept to under 100 people to encourage conversation and discussion. We focus on the current state of data (what people are doing now), and on what can be accomplished to visualize the data gathered. In previous years, our attendees have included architects, engineers, BIM managers, data scientists, contractors, sub-trades, owners, and facility managers. This blend creates an ideal environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and networking.


  • Identify what ‘data’ is to the AECO/FM industry, and what the key challenges our industry faces are, in relation to it.
  • Identify what data matters most to your business, and what you can do to better seize its value – through implementable idea generation.
  • Develop a graphic ecosystem of ‘data management’ tools useful to those in our industry.
  • Identify how data can be leveraged at each stage of a built project lifecycle for collective stakeholder benefit.
  • Identify skills required within our industry to solve industry problems.
  • Learn what methods other industries have employed to solve similar issues in theirs.